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H&M Tests Renting Clothes in Sustainability Effort

trendy blouses and rompers arranged on racks at an H&M department store

The quest for global sustainability provides a natural brand upgrade in some industries.  With food and body care, consumers look for organic and GMO-free products. High fuel efficiency sells autos. How about casinos? The industry has put their heads together to help inspire a happy planet and ended up with the Sustainable Gambling Conference. Established in 2016, this organization connects people across the industry to discuss how to secure long-term sustainable marketing goals. Another industry looking to invest in more sustainable options is fashion. Specifically, Hennes and Mauritz AB, also known as H&M, is testing out a rental service in its Stockholm location to see if they can provide long-term options to decrease fast fashion’s carbon footprint. Jumping on the Rental Bandwagon Late 2019 has seen H&M dive into the clothing rental industry at its newly refurbished store in Sergels Torg, located in Stockholm’s central square. Swedish shoppers are

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Understanding the Concepts Behind Emotional Design

Car design

Emotional design may not be a much talked-about concept but it is everywhere these days. Promoting an emotional response from a user, customer or client is what the design concept is all about. You can see it in product design, especially with consumer electronics and cars, for example. You will also often find it at play at some of the best website designs around, such as e-commerce platforms, . Whether it is something you can hold in your hand or is only available in the virtual world, the role emotional design has to play should not be underestimated. What are the principles behind it? The Role of Emotions Humans are complex beings and even though we think that our responses to objects and services are entirely rational, they are much more susceptible to emotions than we might think. What's more, emotional responses to stimuli can come about much quicker than intellectual ones. When you see a brand new products, for example, you are often responding to it at an emotional level

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