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H&M Tests Renting Clothes in Sustainability Effort

trendy blouses and rompers arranged on racks at an H&M department store

The quest for global sustainability provides a natural brand upgrade in some industries.  With food and body care, consumers look for organic and GMO-free products. High fuel efficiency sells autos. How about casinos? The industry has put their heads together to help inspire a happy planet and ended up with the Sustainable Gambling Conference. Established in 2016, this organization connects people across the industry to discuss how to secure long-term sustainable marketing goals. Another industry looking to invest in more sustainable options is fashion. Specifically, Hennes and Mauritz AB, also known as H&M, is testing out a rental service in its Stockholm location to see if they can provide long-term options to decrease fast fashion’s carbon footprint. Jumping on the Rental Bandwagon Late 2019 has seen H&M dive into the clothing rental industry at its newly refurbished store in Sergels Torg, located in Stockholm’s central square. Swedish shoppers are

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Victoria's Secret Appoints Transgender Model

Geena Rocero, a model who broke new ground for the transgender community.

There are not many openly transgender people working in high-profile public roles but that is something that is increasingly changing around the world. For example, the swimwear model, Geena Rocero, began her career at the age of 21 having been discovered by a photographer in New York City. Originally from the Philippines, she went on to have a successful time modelling before coming out in 2015 alongside other transgender women, such as Yasmine Petty and Leyna Bloom. In the case of Valentina Sampaio, however, the model has won her first big mainstream contract despite already being out. This may mark a big change in the world of fashion modelling and in the acceptance of the transgender community by wider society. Okay, the odds were not on Sampaio's side, but she did it and now the 22-year-old model and actress has broken new ground for the transgender community. Victoria's Secret: A Forward-Thinking Brand Identity? When Victoria's Secret announced that it was

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The Top Five Awkward Moments From the MTV Video Music Awards


The 2019 edition of (VMAs) are due to take place in August. The awards ceremony is certainly looked forward to by many in the music and entertainment industry as well as the public at large. In many ways, the VMAs are a barometer of what is going on in the industry, offering an indication of who is progressing in their career as well as whose crown looks like it might be slipping a little. However, the awards have a habit of throwing up awkward moments that can make you feel really uncomfortable as a viewer, too. You might wonder why you this year's VMAs if they have any embarrassing moments like these ones you may remember from past ceremonies. 1. The Mispronunciation of Camila Cabello's Name In 2018, the VMAs constituted an opportunity to mourn the loss of the soul legend, Aretha Franklin. What many people remember from that event, however, was when Camila Cabello had her name so terribly mispronounced. The comedian, Tiffany Haddish, failed to say the name of the

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The Top Fashion Trends For Valentine’s Day 2019

Valentine hearts

Valentine's Day can have its own kind of unpredictability. Sometimes it’s easy to know exactly what you want to wear, while at other times you may simply not have a clue. Yet however you feel, there’s always the need to dress for a special occasion regardless of whether you choose to celebrate at home or plan to go out and turn Valentine’s Day into a more festive event. To make the day as exciting and enjoyable as possible, many couples decide to mark the occasion by organising something extra special like a themed night in a casino. The famous Macau casino, for instance, has inclusive luxury packages which include , an exotic menu and access to spa facilities. Creative advice from Katharine Polk Whatever your choice, it’s useful to take a look at some of the latest V-Day fashion trends so you have plenty of style options – and also to give you some advice on what you really should avoid. And what better way to do this than to look at some tips offered by the renowned

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