Could Moringa Become the Superfood That Saves the Planet?

Moringa in flower. Source:Harvey McDaniel You might have heard of superfoods before. Perhaps you consume blueberries for a Vitamin C hit or goji berries to help with weight loss? There again, maybe you eat lamb's lettuce because it delivers anti-oxidant properties? Whichever superfood you might be into, there is no single one that can provide you with a range of nutritious properties that will also help with the battle against world hunger. Or is there? If you've never heard of it before, take a closer look at moringa, perhaps the world's most important superfood.

What Is Moringa?

Originally found in India, moringa is a genus of plants that is part of the brassicales order. It is now found all over the world. Considered an invasive species because it is so hardy, moringa was often cultivated just for its seed pods in the past because these had a role in traditional herbal medications. However, the plant has since been found to be highly nutritious. Not only its seeds, but its leaves, its pods - known as drumsticks - its seed oil and its roots can be eaten. What's more, because the moringa plant can be cultivated in relatively poor soil conditions, it is something that could provide malnutrition relief in parts of the world where other crops are failing.   Now you have a range of choices for your diet, you’re free to choose from a wide selection of mobile casino games too. You pick the meal and Big Chef online slot will deliver your winnings! Pop into Royal Vegas Casino for top tier online casino games that will keep you entertained for hours on end!

Why Is Moringa Considered a Superfood?

Even when it is supplied in a powdered form, moringa is known to provide certain benefits to people who ingest it. Firstly, the plant offers plenty of protein. It also contains several important vitamins and minerals, such as thiamine, riboflavin and Vitamin B5, which can add to a balanced diet. In addition, moringa has anti-inflammatory powers which can help people to recover from ailments and injuries. In some cases, it is not merely used as a food that will help you to stay healthy but it is being put into medical products, sometimes to treat conditions which lead to chronic inflammation.

The Power of Moringa

No less an authority than the World Health Organisation has been studying moringa recently as a way of solving global hunger, especially in emergency situations. However, it is not just people who may benefit. The plant is already being used to supplement the diets of livestock in various places in the world. Some farmers have noticed that the protein-rich plant enables animals who feed on it to put on weight much more rapidly. Indeed, some results indicate that it acts more like a growth hormone than a normal plant. Even more importantly for a crop that is of so much potential value, moringa requires very little care and attention to grow. Perhaps that's why its seed pods have long gone into the curries of Southern India where its leaves are also often used as garnish, much like coriander.

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