8 Fun Facts About Craps You Probably Didn’t Know

Play craps at Royal Vegas Online Casino It’s always incredibly interesting to learn about the history behind almost anything, especially when that history spans decades. The longer the history, the more likely it will be that the story is rich and full of fun facts. That’s certainly the case with craps, as you’ll come to see by reading this blog.

  • The game is thought to date back all the way to the Crusades, with French and British settlers bringing the game to America
  • Craps was originally known as crapaud, which translates from French to mean Toad. This was because people who played the game used to squat on the floor whilst playing the game (tables were not available, it seems…), thus having to adopt a toad-like stance
  • It is the most common dice game in the world
  • There are many superstitions associated with this casino game, including an aversion to any mention of the number 7 around a craps table. Ironically, though, statistics prove that this number is more likely to be rolled at a craps table than any other number
  • It’s believed to be good luck if a lady blows on the dice before they are rolled
  • If you’ve ever studied a craps dice, you’ll notice that it’s transparent. This is so that the box person can tell if dice has been tampered with or smuggled into the casino
  • Craps is incredibly popular primarily due to the low house advantage in land-based casinos. In addition, its popularity is enhanced due to the fact that the game’s outcome is purely based on chance
  • There are typically less craps tables at land-based casino than any other table game. This is because the game is a bit more labour-intensive than the others, requiring four people to manage a table. The outcome of each roll is determined by the box person, the bets are placed by two dealers, and the stick man has the job of providing the players with the dice

A Brief History Of Craps

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Infographic: How To Play Craps

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