The 7-minute casino HIIT workout

Casino HIIT Workout Adding new and different work out moves into your gym routine is the perfect way to exercise parts that you might otherwise be neglecting and spice up your routine a little so that you never get bored. Thankfully there are so many creative and beneficial work out exercises out there.

7 Minute HIIT Workout

Fitness Republic's HIIT workout Source: Fitness Republic We found the 7-Minute HIIT quite intriguing and it looks beneficial because if you do it as prescribed you actually give your whole body a full workout in just seven minutes. What’s more, performing each exercise individually is also great for days when you want to focus on one area of your body. We picked out our favourite routines form the set:

  • Side Plank

The side plank works your core and abdominal muscles, allowing you to develop and strengthen your torso.

  • Push Ups

This is a classic move and has stood the test of time. Doing push-ups regularly will stretch your muscles, in particular your back muscles and your biceps. “Push-ups” is a compound exercise, meaning that they use multiple muscle groups to work your body as a whole. This cause your heart to beat faster and deliver oxygen to muscle tissue.

  • Chair step-ups

This is a great cardio workout as it gets your heart beating and your blood flowing. It also works your booty and is a great tool for strength training.

  • Squats

Doing squats also strengthens your core, as well as your lower body. If you start doing squats regularly you will notice that it eases back pain by increasing your flexibility.

  • Lunges

To help your everyday movements become more flexible and ease effort, do sets of lunges at the gym. You will improve your balance at the same time.

Your Casino HIIT Workout starts now!

Now that you've gotten a good workout, it's time to get the casino workout done too... this includes:

  • Opening up your browser using either your mobile, Windows or Mac operated devices.
  • Registering an account at Royal Vegas.
    • Still no water needed, as you haven't exerted too much energy at this stage.
  • Stretch those fingers and hands, because they are about to get working playing some of the best casino games in town.
  • Start playing, no deposits required... It's just you and the games, getting engrossed in all the action packed images and themes.
    • Maybe this is when you need a sip of water, because things are most certainly heating up.
  • Now we're bringing out the heavy weights, with a host of heart pumping jackpots and bonuses you can win when you start depositing.
  • So make a deposit, have some refreshments, and play... there is a jackpot with your name on it.
  • And win! You hit your HIIT goals and you are victorious!
    • The only way you can try win a jackpot is if you register, deposit and play.... that's the workout in a nutshell. To register, click here.

And if you're looking for some fit and sexy game characters to lead you through your casino HIIT workout, Girls with Guns – Jungle Heat slot might be just what you're looking for. Keep fit, stay healthy and get your casino HIIT workout on!  

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