Free play casino app at Google Play

Free app Do you ever feel like playing casino games, just for fun? Do you want to escape the tyranny of credits? Imagine you’re playing a new casino game. You’ve never played it before, but you heard that it has a really amazing Bonus Feature, where beautiful princesses jump out of King Tut’s closet and shower you with virtual coins while doing the ancient Egyptian version of the Gangnam Style horse-hop. Just as you feel you’re about to crack the Bonus, you run out of credits. Does this sound familiar? If so, then playing free casino games on your mobile is way to go. Our free play app is the perfect way to enjoy games without ever running out of credits. You can play anywhere, and at any time.

Turn your mobile into an online gaming centre with one easy download

You can get Royal Vegas’s free play casino app at Google Play if you have an Android 2.2 (or higher) smartphone or tablet. The download is free, and the games are free. There are NO hidden costs, just a fantastic Google Play rating. You will get the free play casino with over 20 mobile games to carry with you wherever you go. You never know when you may feel the urge to have a few spins on a slot game, or play some free roulette. You can even brush up on your video poker or blackjack skills without risking your cash. Good luck – we hope you find King Tut’s princesses!

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