FAQ: 4G And 5G Technologies

The 5G allows a greater number of devices connected to a network. Source:Mohamed_hassan Both 4G and 5G are cellular technologies that your smartphone can connect to when you are out and about. When 3G, the third generation of this sort of technology, first came out it was often marketed as mobile broadband. However, this was really pushing things because most websites didn't load at anything like a broadband rate via 3G. When 4G came in, mobile data communications really started to take off, however. Many industry insiders think that the advent of the 5G age will see even more mobile telephony applications where lots of data transferring is required. What are the key questions?

1. Does 5G Work Differently Than 4G?

From a consumer's point of view, 5G delivers exactly what 4G does, only faster. However, from a technical point of view, 5G is very different. It makes use of a part of the electromagnetic spectrum at a higher frequency than 4G making it more like an FM radio compared to a medium wave one. 4G can go up to radio frequencies of 6 GHz but 5G extends up to 300 GHz.

2. Is 5G a Lot Faster Than 4G?

At its peak download rate, 5G is not merely faster than 4G. It is potentially twenty times as quick. It is fair to say that it does not always run at this maximum speed - no cellular technology does. That said, it is much more rapid. The Internet of Things will be a reality with 5G networks Source:Methodshop

3. What Can 5G Do That 4G Cannot?

Both 4G and 5G networks can generate voice calls as well as sending and receiving text (SMS) messages. Likewise, 4G and 5G can pass internet protocol data communications. So, they deliver the same thing. The point about 5G is that it can handle greater demands being placed on it due to its faster download speeds. As such, you can use it to do much more on the internet than a bit of browsing. High definition video streaming becomes a viable possibility, for example. It will mean mobile website developers can offer more to browsers without compromising on content due to the practical upload rates 4G restricts them to.

4. When Will 5G Come Out?

5G has already launched in some places. South Korean telephone companies have already upgraded some of their masts to allow consumers to enjoy it. There are also places in the United States where it is currently operational, although service remains patchy until more network infrastructure is brought on stream. In Canada and much of the rest of the Americas, 5G will roll out from 2020. The same will be the case in most of Europe.

5. Why is 5G Such a Big Deal for Mobile Casino Games?

Why is 5G such a big deal for mobile casino games? This is a key question for the gaming industry and one which could prove to be very exciting for consumers. Because mobile casinos need to provide reliability to players, their games have to be limited in terms of the graphics and sound. With 5G, theses restrictions will fall away and game designers will be able to offer even better visuals to make their games ever more playable. Glitches and slow-moving parts of gameplay should become things of the past, thereby allowing online casinos to be more like real ones.

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