Live Blackjack Bet Behind

Play against real dealers at the roulette, baccarat and the popular blackjack tables, in real time, with Live Casino. Live casino blackjack not only offers the most authentic casino atmosphere around but also industry-first features that allow for an even more realistic experience.

One of the most exciting of the features that Live Casino offers is the blackjack Bet Behind feature.

What is the Bet Behind?

Bet Behind is a blackjack bet that is offered almost exclusively in land based casinos. Using this feature you can bet on players that are on a hot streak at a blackjack table.

As a result of being able to bet on another player’s hand as well as placing a bet on your own hand, you can increase your betting range at the tables.

How do I use Bet Behind

Once you are in a Live Casino blackjack room you will see the Hot Streak table at the top right of your screen. This table allows you to see which players sitting at the table have had consecutive wins, and how many consecutive wins they have had.

Once you have used the Hot Streak table to identify which player you want to bet on, all you need to do is place your chips on that players ’'Bet Behind box'. Each player with a seat at the table will have a bet behind box located just behind their own bet box.

What are the betting limits for Bet Behind

At a standard live casino blackjack table, players have a 25 to 300 betting limit. At these tables, players also have the option to use the Bet Behind feature at a slightly different betting range. The Bet Behind feature allows for players to place bets from 10 to 200.

Play blackjack live and see if you can use the Bet Behind feature to increase your winnings. Sign in and play, or sign up for a new Royal Vegas account and receive €1200 in welcome bonuses.

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