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Food Tourism: Sink Your Teeth into the World

tourists and locals enjoy Camden Market, a London market full of attractions and food vendors and restaurants

For many people, some of the best memories in life involve food. Memorable family dinners during holidays, that sea bass you had on a cruise to the Bahamas, and the baked Alaska you dined on the night your fiancé proposed to you. Travel also creates significant memories: cycling through the Alps, taking the train through France, and riding horseback across Iceland. If you enjoy experiencing food and travel, consider putting the two together as food tourism. One such food tourism trip could take you from playing online at home to traveling to Vegas and savouring shrimp cocktail at the internationally-renowned Carnival World Buffet. A Love Affair Between Food and Travel Why do food and travel go together like peanut butter and jelly? This perfect pairing works because when you think of Italy, you imagine dining on the finest Neapolitan-style pizza in Naples. You think of France and imagine eating exceptional Camembert and a fresh baguette as you tour Marseilles on foot.

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Can Friends of Friends Make Travelling Better?

Can reaching out to new friends make travelling better?

There are plenty of people who want to travel the world and gain exciting new experiences and perspectives from the places they visit. That said, all too often potential travels are put off or even not undertaken at all for a very simple reason – the traveller in question has no one to go with nor the means to sustain themselves on their adventure. But should travelling – with all of the benefits it brings – be only for those who can find a suitable companion who also has the income to be able to afford it? Thanks to the power of modern social networking, a Melbourne-based business has hit upon the idea of getting people to hook up with one another when travelling based on a remarkably simple premise. According to Friend Theory, the start-up enterprise concerned, everyone in the world has a connection with everyone else, albeit through six degrees of separation. So, if you looked at everyone in your phone's contact list and then counted every name in each of

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Fast Food for a Fast Lifestyle

It’s undeniable that, back in ancient times, there were no such treats as donuts, fried chicken or hamburgers. Whether you believe in evolution or not, there can be no arguing that our ancestors would have only eaten what was readily available to them – animal meat, plants, nuts, seeds and, in some instances, roots and tubers. The birth of agriculture gave rise to the concept of mass production and processing of food. Products like rice, wheat and grain were not only affordable to cultivate and harvest, but the products we were able to make from them were easy to store, incredibly versatile and, well, admittedly delicious. Modern man no longer needed to hunt and gather resources for nourishment, and the carbohydrate content of the aforementioned foods meant we needed less to feel fuller, for longer. Fast forward a few hundred years and carb-rich, processed foods continue to dominate the global food scene, with many products targeting the middle class, with a focus on the

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The World’s Top 10 Airlines

At some point in your life, you will be going somewhere which will require you to fly. Sure, there are a lot of people that are scared of flying, but if you take a look at the top airlines in the world, and the reasons behind their rankings, you might change your way of thinking, and take a flight with at least one of them. Let’s see who made the list and why. Singapore Airlines Besides the fact that Singapore Airlines was voted as the world’s best airline in 2018, it has also won the top spot in numerous other categories, including Best Airline in Asia. If you want to travel with the best, and you’re flying anywhere to or from Asia, chances are you’ll want to make use of Singapore Airlines. So what makes this airline so unique – food, comfort, connections or service? We think it’s the overall experience – to start with, the food served on the plane is specially planned and made for Singapore Airlines. Because the senses of a passenger are altered by altitude

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Could You Survive An Aeroplane Crash?

A plane

Flying isn’t exactly fun. At best, you can hope for a tiny bottle of vodka and a rom-com to help pass the time. That said, soon you might just be able to win a jackpot on a plane. You may have already thought, "If cruise ships ?" It's a good point, actually. In future, it will be possible to access in-flight Wi-Fi when you are flying across the world which should make the whole business of flying less tedious. Of course, the aviation industry will rightly only allow people to use wireless devices once safety concerns have been fully tested. No one wants to crash just because their social media posts have interfered with a crucial part of the plane's operation, after all. All of which might lead you to think about crashing. Although aviation is one of the safest forms of travel, when crashes occur they are understandably catastrophic. However, not all aeroplanes that fall out of the sky result in the deaths of all aboard. There have been some remarkable stories

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Your Guide to Tourist Tax

The tourist is the one who pays the fee as a supplement to their accommodation or flight.

Local economic growth can be spurred on by visitors who spend their money during a stay. Things like eco-tourism, all promote activity the local economy. Tourist tax is usually put in place to boost social welfare in the local community so that everyone can benefit from visitors, not just those businesses which are set up to serve the leisure industry. Many countries have it in place but it varies in the way that it works from one location to another. What is Tourism Tax? Simply put, tourism tax is a supplement you will pay for travelling to or staying in a certain part of the world. Tourism tax is not applied to visitors who arrive to stay with friends and family but is commonly added on to things like hotel bills. In some parts of the world, the cost of applying for a visa acts like a type of indirect tourist taxation. How Much Does it Cost? This varies greatly depending on where in the world you want to go. The Kingdom of Bhutan in the Himalayan mountain range has a

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